Crazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA ROM Free Download

April 13, 2022
Crazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA ROM Free Download

Crazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA ROM Free Download. Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride is a racing action video game for the Game Boy Advance, part of the Crazy Taxi series. It was developed by Graphic State and published by THQ. This game is an attempt to port the original Crazy Taxi to the Game Boy Advance, featuring two cities (one unlockable), nine Crazy Box minigames and all four cabbies from the original game.


The main objective for the player is to make as much money as possible as a cab driver. The player selects one of two cities to play in where they maneuver around the city to find passengers for their cab. Players receive money based on; how fun the trip was for the passenger, hitting jumps within the map, driving close to traffic, drifting and how quickly the cab ride is accomplished. Players can choose from four characters, Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena and Gus. In addition to the main game, nine different mini-games are also available for play.The game also features multiple save slots per cartridge, allowing for the player to save their progress through the game.

Crazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA ROM Free Download

File NameCrazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA
File Size3.2 MB
SystemGame Boy Advance



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