Klonoa Empire of Dreams GBA ROM Free Download

April 14, 2022
Klonoa Empire of Dreams GBA ROM Free Download

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams GBA ROM Free Download is a 2001 platform video game published by Namco for the Game Boy Advance. Falling somewhere between Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Empire of Dreams is a two-dimensional adventure game with puzzle elements that takes place in the new realm in the Klonoa series, the Kingdom of Jillius.


Klonoa Empire of Dreams works like a typical 2D sidescroller with the player moving Klonoa left or right on a scrolling screen while defeating enemies using his “wind bullet”, a special ring that can shoot a small gust of wind forward and draw an enemy in, allowing Klonoa to lift them over his head. From this position, he can either throw them straight forward like a projectile, taking out any enemy they hit, or he can perform a double-jump, allowing him to reach places he couldn’t normally. In addition to enemies, Klonoa can also pick up large square blocks and place them wherever the player chooses. By holding the jump button after Klonoa has left the ground, Klonoa flaps his ears and can float in mid-air for a short duration, which also somewhat increases his jumping height.

Klonoa Empire of Dreams GBA ROM Free Download

The game is progressed by finding the exit to a stage after collecting three stars within the level. Other items like crystals and hearts can be collected in addition, and 1-up items (resembling Klonoa’s hat) are usually hidden within a level as well. Hearts can also be found to increase Klonoa’s health.

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