Digimon World 3 PSX ROM Free Download

June 22, 2022
Digimon World 3 PSX ROM Free Download

Digimon World 3 PSX ROM Free Download. Digimon World 3 (Dejimon Wārudo 3 Aratanaru Bōken no Tobira, Digimon World 3: The Door of a New Adventure), also known as Digimon World 2003 in Europe and Australia, is a role-playing video game for the PlayStation developed by BEC and Boom Corp, and published by Bandai. It is the third installment in the Digimon World series and it was first released in June 2002 in North America and then in July 2002 in Japan and November 2002 in Europe. The game tells the story of Junior, who begins playing an MMORPG called “Digimon Online” with his friends, but when terrorists attack, Junior and the other players are trapped within the game and must find a way out using his Digimon partners.


Digimon World 3 differs from its predecessors as the system has been changed to be more like Japanese Role-Playing games of the time such as Final Fantasy VII or Legend of Dragoon. The game has 2 primary modes in which it is played: an overworld map and the battle screens. The player character navigates through a 3D world map using sprites that represent the playable character and the monsters that make up his party. In battle, players control the parties with up to 3 monsters in turn-based style battles where the player’s party fights one on one against the opposing party, with the option to switch or perform certain actions with the party members.

Digimon World 3 PSX ROM Free Download

File NameDigimon World 3 PSX.rar
File Size338MB
GenreRole Playing


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